Spinal Stenosis Treatment
Eliminate Back Pain from Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition caused by
gradual narrowing of the spinal canal
resulting from the degeneration of the facet
joints and the disc structure.   The narrowing
of the spinal canal impinge and put
pressure on the nerves roots and spinal
cord, causing pain or numbness in your legs,
back, neck, shoulders or arms; limb
weakness and uncoordination; loss of
sensation in your extremities; and problems
with bladder or bowel function.

Many healthcare professionals  have found
out that Spinal Stenosis related symptoms
can be eliminated, the degenerative spinal
disc condition can be reversed and surgery
can be avoid.    With their innovative treatment
approaches, the back pain from spinal
stenosis pain can be eliminated in 3 months

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