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Patricia Blaine, LAc
Bothell Acupuncture
10137 Main Street, Suite #5
Bothell, WA 98011 United States
Successful Healing of Tendon Strain at Spleen Four
A female patient, age 48, had used exercise shoes with rounded bottoms. She came for treatment at the end of 2010. The patient suffered from severe pain (10 out of 10) caused by an acute tendon strain at spleen 4. The patient used crutches. The injury had happened about one week before. The area of concern had been red, swollen and inflamed (toxins seemed to come out). It appeared that the patient developed cellulites.

Dr. Blaine prescribed a systemic immune treatment. She also applied acupuncture outside the inflamed area of the foot. Three herbal patches were used to speed up the healing process. In addition a cold heat technique had been applied to stimulate the circulation at deep levels and seduce the intensity of the inflammation (IR heat and cold pack). Once the irritation of the infected area had been eliminated Dr. Blaine applied acupuncture there as well.

After two weeks of treatment the pain level had been reduced by 80%. The FASTT patches sped up the recovery tremendously. The results were remarkable given that the patient came for a total of six treatments within two weeks. There is no maintenance needed.
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