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Peter & Roxayne Veasey Redmond, DC
Redmond Chiropractic
436 Spackman Lane
Exton, PA 19341 United States
Successful Healing of Anterior Rotator Cuff Tear with Displacement
A male patient, age 54, had been diagnosed with a severe anterior rotator cuff tear with displacement (he had demonstrated a taekwondo kick to his grandson in the living room). His pain level was severe (8 out of 10). He did not want to use any drugs. The injury would normally represent a case for a surgeon.

Dr. Redmond decided to treat the injury with herbal patches only (treatment area was far too sore for any chiropractic work). The herbal program was applied for a total length of six months with FASTT as well as WHITEE patches. Both types of patches had been alternated depending on the body part of the injury treated (one part at a time).

The results were remarkable. The patient received substantial relief of pain for maintaining his daily schedule. He recovered from the injury much faster than expected for such a condition. He never had to go through surgery (after two years the healing process had reached 98% and full recovery is expected). He is on a normal exercise schedule again (e.g. Yoga).
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