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Salvatore & Cynthia  Mignano, DC
Mignano Family Chiropractic Center
914 C Folly Road
Charleston, SC 29412 United States
Successful Diagnosis and Healing of Rib Fracture
A male patient, age 37, had incurred a severe car accident in 2002 (he had been treated in the emergency room). The patient suffered from dramatic chest as well as mid thoracic pain (9 out of 10). He had trouble breathing. The MDs diagnosed a strain sprain. The diagnosis turned out to be wrong as the patient suffered from a rib fracture identified by the chiropractor (Dr. Mignano).

Based on the initial diagnoses Dr. Mignano started with chiropractic adjustments of the spine. It yielded some relief as the pain level had become reduced (total of 8 adjustments three times per week). However, the patient still reported anterior chest pain. A painful tuning fork test for stress fractures was implemented (based on vibration). As a result, the patient was correctly diagnosed with a rib fracture.

Based on the new diagnosis 4 herbal FASTT patches were applied for a total length of 1.5 weeks. In addition, chiropractic adjustments were executed to treat other issues incurred from the accident.

Given the new and correct treatment approach the patient experienced an amazing pain reduction down to 1-2 out of 10. He could breathe well again and was able to go to work (patient is a dock worker who has to perform physical work). He was very happy about the outcome and remained as a wellness patient for another two years. The results of the treatment have been sustained ever since.

Successful Treatment of Hairline Rib Fracture
A male patient, age 70, came for treatment in July 2011. He had slipped and fallen down on a rock incurring a hairline rib fracture. He suffered from severe pain (10 out of 10). X-rays confirmed the diagnosis.

A combined treatment program composed of chiropractic adjustments (around the area of the fracture), electric stimulations and herbal remedies (3 large WHITEE patches) was applied for a total of 2 weeks (4 sessions).

Upon completion of the program the patient had been fully restored being pain-free and fully mobile. He was very happy. The results have been sustained.
Successful Treatment of Pleurisy
A female patient, 22 years old, had come for treatment in 2010. She had been in the emergency room where she was diagnosed with pleurisy (inflammation of the pleura). Typical reasons for this condition are bacteria or virus infections as well as rib fractures. The patient suffered from severe pain (8 out of 10) as well as cough and sleep disorder (because of the condition). Her regular intern had prescribed antibiotics, pain killers and cough medication. It did not produce results. The condition was caused by bronchitis which had been going on for a period of two months (before the patient came).

A combined treatment program composed of herbal remedies and chiropractic adjustments was prescribed for a total length of two weeks. More specifically, one jar of ClearLung was applied first (1 week) together with LC Balancer. During the second week the patient took one jar of Soup A. In addition, three sessions of chiropractic work per week were used to improve the patient’s condition.

The treatment showed a positive response. After the first week more than 50% of pain reduction as well as significant decrease in coughing had been achieved. The patient felt substantially better. Upon completing the program all issues (pain, coughing, sleep disorder) had been resolved. The results have been sustained ever since.

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