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Laura  Christensen, LAc
Acupuncture of Iowa
1070 William St.
Iowa City, IA 52240 United States
Successful Labor Induction with Acupuncture
The patient was a 34 year-old who was in her 40th week of pregnancy in 2010. She was being told by her nurse/midwife that she would need to have her labor induced in a few days if it did not begin spontaneously.

The treatment was very simple. She came for a visit, was evaluated and found to be healthy and, not surprisingly, very large. She felt tired, had back pain, and swelling in her ankles. She had no history of pregnancy-related diabetes or other problems. She was not sure if the acupuncture would work, but she was desperate to avoid a medical labor induction. We did the four standard labor induction points, with electrical stimulation for about 45 minutes. We also used the ear point for uterus and endocrine as well as some relaxation points to help with the labor and birth. She went home that night, and did not go into full labor, but was having some cramps from time to time. She called the next day and we had her come in again for another treatment, exactly like the first.

After the second treatment, she went home, and 2 hours later began labor. She went to the hospital a few hours later and had a great birth experience. Her hard labor was just over one hour, and she reported having no pain at all. She was certain that the acupuncture treatment had helped her have a quick and painless birth.
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