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Mark Beck, DC
13080 Tesfon Ferry Road
St. Louis, MO 63128 United States
Successful Resolution of Post Herpetic Neuropathy
A male patient, age 53, came for treatment at the end of September 2010. He had been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and post herpetic neuropathy (same virus cause as for chicken pocks and shingles). He suffered from severe pain on the left side of his face (9 out of 10) but did not show any visual symptoms. The complete left side of the face was “on fire.” The MD had prescribed Prednisone which had failed to produce significant results.

Dr. Beck applied a combined treatment composed of a nutritional program (specifically designed for shingle treatment and nerve regeneration) and homeopathic remedies for a total length of one year (once a week for the first 6 months, then once every other week and now once a month for general maintenance).

The treatment produced great results. After four months the pain had been completely eliminated (from “on fire” to numb and then to normal). The only numb spot left is located on the patient’s tongue (in the process of being gradually removed). The drug (Prednisone) was disconnected after 3-4 months into the treatment. Blood work done after six months (by MD) turned out normal. The MD could not believe it (doubted that it was the same patient). The patient could return to work after a few months. The results have been sustained ever since. He is very happy with the outcome.
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