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Jack Kucheran, DC
Northside Wellness Centre
#16 3434 34th Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T1Y6X3 Canada
Successful Healing of Osteoarthritis
A male patient, about 50 years old, came for treatment in 2005. He had been diagnosed with bilateral first Meta carpal phalangeal joint osteoarthritis.

An exclusive herbal treatment protocol was prescribed for one month. It completely resolved the issue for 6 months. A second round of the same herbal treatment was applied for three months. After two years of no symptoms, minor symptoms returned in his right thumb. Two weeks of an herbal protocol with herbal patches and a liquid herbal supplement cured the patient once and for all. The positive outcome has been maintained ever since without additional treatment.
Successful Resolution of Stenosis
Condition: MRI shows patient has moderate degenerative disc disease L4/5 with facit joint osteoarthritis causing moderate to severe central canal stenosis and severe right forminal stenosis. Patient has advanced degenerative disc disease L5-S1 with mild facil osteoarthritis causing severe right neural forminal stenosis and L5 nerve root impingement.

Symptoms include low back pain, right buttock/hip pain, right leg pain and sciatica, right leg weakness, numbness, and loss of strength right let and foot.

Patient is 70% improved at present. Patient has no leg pain, strength has returned in right leg and foot, no numbness or tingling in leg. Low back pain is 70% better.

Patient is a Welder and does very heavy physical work. Patient was unable to do work or 1 months. Patient is now back to work 7 hour days. Patient is no longer woken up by pain. Patient quality of life is dramatically improved. Patient recently consulted Neurologist. Neurologist has confirmed patient does not need surgery with his continuing improvements.

Bussiness Hours: Mo: 7A-11A, 3P-7P; Tue: 7A-11A, 3P-6P; Wed: 12P-6:30P; Thu: 7A-9A, 3P-7P
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan