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Scott Rothman, DC
Wayne Chiropractic Health Center
228 West Wayne Ave
Wayne, PA 19087  United States
Successful Elimination of a Pinched Nerve
A male patient, age 51, was diagnosed with a pinch nerve in 2010 (pinch nerve at C6/C7 in lower part of neck as a result of an auto accident). He suffered from a brachial plexus (pain in the nerve system running down from the neck to the arms and hands).

Dr. Rothman prescribed an exclusive chiropractic treatment program of 6 weeks (3 times a week). After week 5 the patient still indicated latent symptoms coming from the pinch nerve (pain and numbness radiating into the arm and fingers). Therefore, WHITEE patches started to be included in the program for two weeks. The patches were placed alongside the spine at C6/C7 (6 patches, 1 patch for two days, 1 day without patch). The patient felt remarkable improvement after the first patch. After two weeks the patches were eliminated for one week. Another week of treatment with patches was applied afterwards. The patient continued chiropractic treatment for another two month (twice a week during first month and once a week after).

After a total of nine weeks the conditions had improved greatly. Numbness and pain radiation down the arm had been completely eliminated. The results have sustained until today (no pressure on nerve). The patient started preventive maintenance after 4 months (one chiropractic maintenance session a month plus one WHITEE patch a month for two days)

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