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Karen (Sigurdson)  Willfahrt, ND, RN, BSN
Willfahrt Natural Medicine
413 N 17th Avenue, Suite 100
Wausau, WI 54401 United States
Ongoing Treatment of a Complex Case of Melanoma
58 year old was initially seen in April 2005, after a left neck Stage 4 melanoma recurred at original excision site over a 10-month period. The tumor was excised at that time. She was placed on a nutritional program, which consisted of a complete multivitamin and other cancer protective nutrients, including a Brazilian medicinal mushroom.

Patient did well, and the was found to have a recurrence of the tumor again in the original site. The tumor had negative borders on excision, and lacked independent arterial support. She underwent a total parotidectomy in March 2006 and received a series of radiation treatments to the site in May of 2006. Patient was able to return to her previous level of energy of 7-8/10 after the radiation treatments.

Patient remained in remission for almost 3 years with the aid of nutritional herbal agents chosen specifically for the prevention and treatment of cancer and tumor activity. A solitary metastasis was found on PET scan in the right thigh. The tumor was again excised with negative margins.

Patient continues to have some recurrent tumor activity and excisions of specific tumors. It is 7 years since her original Stage 4 melanoma diagnosis, and has recently been lost to follow-up.
Bussiness Hours: Saturday 9 AM-1 PM
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Initial Visit: $110, Follow-up Visit: $75, Sliding Scale Fee Schedule is available