Lung Congestion Treatment
What is Lung Congestion?

Lung congestion,  distention of blood vessels in
the lungs and filling of the alveoli with blood as
a result of an infection, high blood pressure, or
cardiac insufficiencies (i.e., inability of the heart
to function adequately). The alveoli in the lungs
are minute air sacs where carbon dioxide and
oxygen exchange occurs.

Active congestion of the lungs is caused by
infective agents or irritating gases, liquids, and
particles. The alveolar walls and the capillaries
in them become distended with blood. Passive
congestion is due either to high blood pressure
in the capillaries, caused by a cardiac disorder,
or to relaxation of the blood capillaries followed
by blood seepage.
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Many healthcare professionals have found that
lung congestion related symptoms can be
treated and the respiratory system
degeneration can be reversed.
 With their
innovative treatment approaches,  patients can
expect improvement within 2  weeks and the
results can be sustained.  

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