Lateral EpicondylitisTreatment - Case Study 1
Susan Duvé, DC, ND, FIAMA, Ortho. Acup., ACN, Detox Specialist
            Substantial Relief from Pain of Lateral Epicondylitis   

A female patient, age 59, came for treatment in April 2011. She suffered from an aggravation of an
old elbow injury. She had lifted something heavy which started a sharp burning pain in the elbow.
The symptoms included right hand weakness as well as loss of grip strength. The MD had
diagnosed Epicondylitis and radio head subluxation. One steroid injection had been prescribed. It
yielded temporary relief but the pain returned.

Dr. Duvé prescribed a combined treatment program of five sessions (one hour each) for a total
length of two weeks. It was composed of acupuncture, physiotherapy with far infrared heat, trigger
point therapy, infratonic massage, six herbal patches as well as adjustments of the radio head and
the carpals (nine bones related to each wrist). In addition, the patient was facilitated with nutrients
such as Standard Process, Cataplexy, F Catalan and trace minerals B12.

After two weeks significant relief of pain had been accomplished. The swelling had been
substantially reduced. The healing process continued thereafter without additional need for

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