Arthritic Knee Degeneration Treatment - Case Study 1
by Dr. Gary Hartell, DC, FIACA
                                    Arthritic Knee Degeneration Treatment

Michelle, a 63 year old female presented at this office with chronic right knee pain for the last year
which had been getting worse over the last month. Some swelling was noted with restricted and
uncomfortable range of motion. The pain would bother her sleep and interfere with her daily
activities. She had difficulty going up and down stairs. Medications, physical therapy and injections
only provided temporary relief. Diagnosis: arthritic degeneration of the right knee. She was told she
may need a knee replacement at some point. She was treated with herbal patches and a liquid
herbal remedy as well as acupuncture. After 6 weeks she reported an 80-85% improvement. She
was pleased with her progress and would like to avoid surgery as long as possible.

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