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Lucie Desmarais, Acupuncturist
Master Point Acupuncture
1776 S. Jackson St Suite 425
Denver, CO 80210 United States
Post-Radiation Breast Cancer Treatment
Female, 62 yrs old. Diagnose with breast cancer bilateraly and lymphoma. She had been on radiation and two rounds of chimotherapy. In 2007,after being diagnose with stage two cancer in left breast, she under went first radiation and chimo. 2009, the cancer had spread into the right breast and lymph nodes. She had surgery to removed several lymph nodes in the right side., along with a second round of chimo. July 2011, was her first visit at my office. Her main complaints were severe sciatica, fatique, depression, insomnia, reflux and hot flashes, sides effects of her medications. Her chinese medical diagnosis was deficiency of kidney yin, yang and jing. Spleen qi deficiency, blood depletion and liver qi deficiency. The first treatment consisted of treating the sciatic pain. After two treatments, the sciatic pain was gone but the lower back remain weak and achy. She had light stretching exercises to do at home. Diet and life stle was also recommended. The following treatments consisted of treating the root of the problems. The third, fourth and fifth treatment were focus on giving the kidneys energy. At the sixth treatment, she commented spleeping better, a reduction in the frequency of hot flashes and no more back pain. At that time we made a treatment plan that consisted of acupuncture every other week. The budget of the patient was a consideration. The strategy was to continue tonifying the kidneys and the spleen, and releiving the liver from stagnation. Her mood improved. The next time I treated this patient it was her seventh visit. My recommendation to her was to have acupuncture at least twice a month as long as she can to maintain energy, renew the blood, increase immunity and prevent relapse.
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