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Susan Duve, DC, LAc
Duve Wellness Center
201 W. Queen Isabella Blvd
Port Isabel, TX 78578 United States
Successful Healing of Bilateral Hip Bursitis
A female patient, age 59, came for treatment in November 2010. She suffered from severe bilateral hip pain (5-6 out of 10). The pain had started four years ago. It began on the right side and was adopted by the left later. It had increased in severity and frequency over the last 18 months. The patient was limping. She was aggravated with movement due to the very sharp and intense pain provoked.

The medical doctor had diagnosed osteopenia (loss of bone density) and bursitis (inflamed fluid filled sacs between muscles and ligaments). X-rays taken in 2009 had proven that there was no bone-on-bone contact or degeneration. The MD had prescribed an anti-inflammatory pain relieving remedy (Naproxen). However, the reason for the symptoms could not be removed.

Dr. Duvé applied a combined treatment program. It started with full spine chiropractic work as well as natural supplements (e.g. MMS (selective oxidizer and pathogen killer)). A hair mineral analysis was implemented based on which a 21-day treatment cycle with products from Standard Process was applied twice (purification, cleanse). On top of all that Dr. Duvé prescribed an herbal intake formula and herbal patches which sped up the healing process and zeroed the pain at the end. The patches were combined with Kinesis tape to help the patient’s lymphatic system.

The patient is doing very well now. The pain has been completely eliminated. She is on a weight lifting program as well as engaged in swimming and biking. Another x-ray taken in March 2011 showed that there was no acute bone abnormality or degeneration in the hip joints.
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