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Mark Brandwein, Chiropractic
Soho Chiropractic Center
611 Broadway, Suite 907C
New York, NY 10012 United States
Herbal Patch Used Successfully on Lumbar Disc Herniation/Spinal Stenosis Case
We have been treating a 48 year old male for 1 month who has been diagnosed with moderate to severe lumbar disc hernia ions at L4-L5, and L5-S1 levels, with marked spinal stenos is at L4-L5. He had a recent MRI examination confirming this diagnosis. The patient has had a chronic low back history for 20 years with occasional flare-ups. Prior to this episode he had responded well with chiropractic care. His last acute episode was 10 years ago. Over this past summer he had been doing repetitive lifting over the course of several months, and started having low back pain with radiation into the left lower extremity. He visited his local chiropractor who treated him for about 2 weeks unsuccessfully. He was referred to our clinic for evaluation. At the time of his initial evaluation he had a pain scale reading (1-10) of 7. He had clear subjective and objective findings to substantiate an exacerbation of the disc conditions. He was started immediately on a treatment program of spinal traction, physical therapy and the use of herbal patches as recommended. The first week of treatment he noticed a 10-20 reduction of symptoms and after 3 weeks a 60-70 reduction. After a month of using the patches his pain scale is at 1-2 average. He is now on a therapeutic exercise program with continued treatment, being seen 1-2 week, and still using the herbal patches. He is very happy with the treatment, and his eventual recovery. He will be monitored for the next 2-3 months and his treatment will be decreased as he improves. I will recommend the herbal patches still be used for the 3 month protocol.

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