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Susan Wigley, DC
Wigley Chropractic
1175 Saratoga Ave Ste: 18
San Jose, CA 95129 United States
Successful Elimination of Pelvic Pain and Hypersensitivity
A female patient, age 33, presented herself with front pelvic pain and hypersensitivity in her stomach.

A nutritional valuation discovered an allergy against glutin. Dr. Wigley recommended the elimination of sugar and wheat from the daily diet. As a result, the pain was eliminated immediately. Within four months the patient lost 40 pounds and three dress sizes (from 16 to 10).

The hypersensitivity had been removed within one and a half months based on a combined laser and organ treatment (relaxation of organs). Based on additional chiropractic treatment the back of the patient has become much more stable.

The complete treatment cycle finished after 3-4 months. The patient started a regular maintenance cycle to sustain the results (particularly spine) afterwards.

The patient has been ecstatic and full of joy ever since her physical conditions have changed. She has children and enjoys life with them now.
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