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Ronald  Mullen , AP
Acupuncture & Natural Healing Center
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Stuart, FL 34994 United States
Successful Chronic Pain Treatment
Patient Data: Male, age 52. Normal weight and height. He presents with the complaint of extreme pain in legs and arms, aggravated by any exercise. Walking more than a short distance incites worsening pain, weakness, and shaking of leg muscles. Pain is so severe that he has been unable to work for more than two years and he cannot perform normal daily activities.

History: August 2001. Pain started in his left forearm, about six weeks after he began taking a cholesterol-lowering medication prescribed by his doctor. Two weeks later, the pain progressed to his right forearm. He then discontinued his medication, but woke the following day with pain in both arms and legs so severe he was unable to rise from his bed. He reports that it presently takes him three to four hours each morning to begin moving, and he suffers from pain both mental and physical throughout the day, due to his condition. He has had multiple tests and examinations but his doctors have been unable to help him. He has been told there is no treatment for his condition.

Treatment: After TCM examination he is treated with acupuncture and prescribed herbal remedies. He returns in five days for follow-up acupuncture treatment and reports less soreness and stiffness when he wakes. Eight days later he returns for treatment and reports 40% improvement in his symptoms, and he can now walk fifteen minutes without severe muscle pain. A week later, at his next acupuncture treatment he reports that he has had an aggravation of the soreness in his forearms during the last week, with severe pain which lasts for a total of seven days and then begins to subside. Following this improvement he returns for his next treatment and reports all symptoms are 80% better. At his next appointment one week later he reports 100% improvement, with no remaining pain or discomfort.

Summary: This patient had a total of eight acupuncture treatments and took herbal remedies for five weeks. His temporary aggravation of symptoms during treatment appears to have been part of a healing response. Three months later this patient remains symptom-free.
Successful Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Treatment
Patient data: Female 41 year old accountant who is married with three school age children. In 1991, she was diagnosed with Epstein Bar Virus, commonly referred to as Chronic Fatigue. Along with the Chronic Fatigue, she deal with fibromyalgia symptoms and digestive problems. This January, just as tax season was gearing up, she started taking the herbal remedies offered in my clinic.

This January, just as tax season was gearing up, She started treatment with me. During tax season, there are 10 to 12 hour days, lots of stress, working weekends and deadlines to finish all her work commitments before April 15th. There couldn’t have been a better time to test this new treatment.

She started taking the herb and reported that she felt the first result on the seventh day. She woke up with no joint pain in her elbows and less in other parts of her body. Before she would try to sleep with her arms in a straight position thinking that if she didn’t bend them they wouldn’t hurt.

She also reported the other amazing effect that the constant fog in her brain was lifted. She is able to think clearer, her disposition is better and her relationship with co-workers and family members are better because she is not hurting and tired all the time. She said her co-workers have noticed a major difference in her. Her husband says that it was the best tax season ever.

When she wakes up she wants to get out of bed. Before she would have to drag herself out of bed and get the kids to school and herself to work. On bad days, she would get completely dressed for work and be too exhausted to then go to work. She would go to sleep in her business suit. She doesn’t have those days anymore.

The best result was that after four months of working really hard during tax season, she was able to still function on April 16th. Normally, it would be a huge de-stressing at the end. It would take 2 to 3 weeks of rest to be really functioning at full potential again. On April 16th, she went to a business meeting with a client and her broker and felt alert and fresh to deal with the issues. The treatment has made a major difference in her life in just a short time.
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