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Successful Healing of Brain Tumor
Alicia, a two year old girl, had been diagnosed (Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University) with a brain tumor in the area of the Pons (top of the brain stem in the center of the brain) in October 2009. The size of the tumor was 5cm x 4 cm x 2cm. Alicia’s life expectancy was estimated with about three more months unless radiation treatment would be applied. Such treatment would extend Alicia’s life by one more year.

The medical doctors prescribed steroids for pain management as well as to increase Alicia’s energy level and reduce her swellings and inflammation. Side effect: Those steroids suppressed Alicia’s immune system.

Going through a lot of anxiety the parents finally decided not to put Alicia through the rather exhausting radiation treatments. Instead they endorsed a treatment based on detoxination and natural foods which would support the healing of Alicia’s body.
In December 2009, the family went to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida where they started to gradually take Alicia off the prescribed medications. In June 2010, the medication was down to 1/6 of the initial prescribed dose of steroids. At that point, Alicia suddenly lost substantial energy and she started to sleep for most of the day. She lost her appetite and ate nothing for two days.

Given the severe conditions of Alicia a business sponsor of the parents referred the case to Dr. John Lubecki in Fair Oaks, California. He had met Dr. Lubecki at a health convention in Chicago.
Alicia was in serious conditions when arriving at Dr. Lubecki’s practice. She had not walked in months and seemed to be in a rapid state of decline. Moreover, she had not eaten for more than two days. She could not hold her head up any longer, one of her eyes crossed. She could hardly move or moan because of pain.
Dr. Lubecki applied a series of treatments composed of low level laser, homeopathic imprint, ionic foot bath and a magnetic bed. After the first session the day of Alicia’s arrival she took her first bite of food and regained consciousness.

As the treatment had been progressing Alicia continued to feel better. She had been completely off the medication and steroids for several month, her eyes were straight again and she kept gaining strength (more energy and weight). She has been eating and sleeping well again. Alicia rarely had pain except for very short periods. After all, she slowly regained her desire to walk.

In February 2011 Alicia’s parents testified that their daughter has been getting stronger and stronger. Her recovery appeared to be a slow but sure process. Both of Alicia’s eyes can move in all directions. Recently, her eyes started moving in a coordinated manner to the left. This represents a huge step from a neurological standpoint. Alicia can stand against the wall on her own. She started to rock back and forth on her feet and tip toes. Alicia can now sit on her own in a much steadier fashion and in a low back highchair. Alicia has regained an amazing amount of strength, will and determination. She still has several treatment sessions per week. She sticks to a simple fresh healing diet with a daily wheat grass regime as advised by the Hippocrates Health Institute. It is an amazing example for the fact that healing is possible as well as simple and sure.
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