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Ernest Antolik, DC
Pathways Natural Healthcare
345A Baldwin Ave
Makawao, HI 96768 United States
Dr. Ernest Antolik recieved his D.C. degree and was given the title of Doctor of Chiropractic by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners in 2008. Prior to this he acquired 13 years of clinical Naturopathic Medical experience as a physicians assistant to Dr. Ede Koenig DSc., N.M.D.

Dr. Ede who for nearly 60 years of her practice was 99.8% successful with her patients cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke recovery, and both type I and type II diabetes. Utilizing her same philosophy, Dr. Antolik gets to the root of and eliminates causes of a disease. Never masking symptoms but helping and allowing your body in the elimination of unusable wastes in each and every organ of the body. This occurs naturally when we open natural pathways and channels of elimination of the heart, the liver, spleen, lungs, circulatory system, muscle and even every joint and every bone of the body. He does this by providing 330 medicinal foods, herbs and a myriad of seed, nut, bean, legume, sprouted grain (non-glutenated), fruits, vegetables, and water in the form of teas, herbal powder and encapsulated and powerfully concentrated liquid as tinctures: pressed and distilled and applied orally as well as transdermaly for uptake externally across the skin via oils and an herbal patch worn over 24 hour periods.

Dr. Antolik has a great respect for the philosophies of Chiropractic and Ancient Naturopathy. He has decided to pursue the path to extreme health for you by consulting with you and with your doctor. Dr. Antolik carefully considers each and every organ system providing a full and complete cleansing and rebuilding program of your whole body. Never using a vitamin or a drug avoiding surgery, joints, tendons, bone and organ tissues heal by rebuilding themselves in the assimilation of a plethera of new proteins as we observe the cells, tissues and new growth to organs. This is what your body does as you give yourself the opportunity to heal, naturally!
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