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Janet Lang, LiAC, DiplAc, NCCAOM
Downtown Acupuncture and Massage
15 Court Sq. #150
Boston, MA 02108 United States
Procrastination of Life Time Treatment for Patient with Diabetes, Substance Abuse, HBP, SOB
A female patient (attorney), about 55 years old, was diagnosed with multiple symptoms such as heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, and severe breathing problems. On top of all that she was overweight and turned out to be an alcoholic. Medical doctors kept prescribing steroids to deal with her complex personality as well as the multiple conditions. Patient lived on steroids. She showed self-destructive behavior with suicidal thoughts. Due to family issues in the past she did not want to live anymore.

Dr. Lang started a permanent treatment program composed of herbal intake formulas. She also applied additional herbs (e.g. tea made of raw herbs). The herbal elements were rotated in order stimulate (rotation cycle of one month).

The results of the herbal treatment were remarkable. The patientís blood pressure became substantially lower, she had far more vitality and her breath was not short anymore. Given the severe conditions of the patient and particularly the impact of the permanent alcohol and steroid consumption it extended her life by almost three years. She would be alive and well today if she had changed her lifestyle. Unfortunately, she passed away from a heart failure.
Successful Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS)
A variety of patients between 30 and 40 years old (majority female), are diagnosed with severe chronic diarrhea (long-term condition). Many times patients are underweight. Many of them would need psychological help due to mental health problems (neurotic conditions).

Dr. Lang has successfully applied an herbal treatment composed of herbal intake formulas, and probiotics (alternating with some of the ingredients being used over a period of up to 6 months). In addition, acupuncture has been used.

The results have been remarkable. Patients always feel much better. They are relieved from most if not all of the symptoms. Diarrhea has been completely eliminated for the majority of the cases. Dr. Lang imposes a proper food schedule on all patients. Depending on the compliance of the patients the results have shown to be sustainable. In addition, the educational benefits for each patient are to be mentioned. Patients show up sporadically to receive some maintenance.
Bussiness Hours: Monday - Saturday, by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
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