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Jimmy McCallister, DC
Livermore Chiropractic
1554 Holmes Street, Building D
Livermore, CA 94550 United States
Successful Elimination of Post Surgical Lumbar Syndrome
A male patient in his 60ies suffered from a post surgical lumbar syndrome which started to appear five years after the surgery. The original invasion had become necessary due to disc perfusion at L5/S1. The surgery had taken place six years ago.

Dr. McCallister prescribed a combined treatment program made up of adjustments and ultrasound (6 sessions). The treatment schedule started with three sessions per week (1st week) followed by two sessions per week (2nd week) and once a week (3rd week). In the following months, preventive maintenance has been applied (once a month).

After three treatments the pain had been eliminated. The results have sustained.
Successful Treatment of Cervical Disc Degeneration
A female patient in her 60ies came for treatment in 2011. She complained about radiating pain down her right arm to the fingers. Dr. McCallister diagnosed cervical disc degeneration with limited room for release of pressure around the nerves.

A treatment program of 10 session had been prescribed. It was composed of spinal manipulation (adjustments) and physical therapy (ultrasound and muscle stimulation). The treatment schedule started with 3 sessions per week for the first and second week followed by two treatments per week for the next two weeks. Afterwards a maintenance schedule with one session per month was applied.

The patient has been free of pain ever since the main treatment program has been completed. However, the condition must be maintained.
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