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Clemency Knox, LAc
Full Circle Healing Arts
645 Ridgely Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401 United States
Acupuncture Treatment to Cure Smoking Habit
A male patient, 55 years old, had been smoking since college but never managed to quit. He reported very bad humor during attempts to end the habit. He came for treatment in September 2011 to finish smoking once and for all.

Dr. Knox applied an initial acupuncture session (clearing treatment) before ending the habit. The patient reported he felt great and was ready to quit. Based on this initial result, the Acuquit protocol was implemented on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of the same week.

The outcome has been quite promising. The patient reported no difficulties to quit smoking. His mood remained in good condition. Weekends did not appear to be problematic. Four weeks after completing the treatment the patient pointed out he had no desire to smoke. He simply felt good even though the habit of smoking has been discontinued.

Bussiness Hours: Tue + Wed + Thu: 10AM 6PM, Mo + Fri: by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $175 (first visit including treatment), $85 (follow-up treatment)