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Karen (Sigurdson)  Willfahrt, ND, RN, BSN
Willfahrt Natural Medicine
413 N 17th Avenue, Suite 100
Wausau, WI 54401 United States
Improved Case of Chronic Polyarterial Myositis of Lower Extremities
60 year old male presented to clinic with 2 year history of chronic polyaterial myositis involving both lower extremities. Patient had undergone extensive investigation and had seen multiple specialists regarding this problem. He experienced muscle wasting of calf muscles and required use of the thigh muscle to lift his feet. The feet were cool, and although some diminished sensation, they were also easily irritated.

Patient received massage and physical therapy to maintain use of the lower limbs, but was looking for additional solutions. Patient received acupuncture to the affected area weekly and was prescribed an herbal medicine to improve blood flow to the affected area.

Patient noted increased sensation in the legs and feet after the first 2 treatments. Prior to beginning treatment, patient noted that he tripped and fell 1-2 times a month. Since on this treatment protocol, patient experienced falls rarely. His fall rate decreased by 50-75%. After 6 months of treatment, patient continued on the herbal medicine alone, taking it daily and maintaining improved use of the lower extremities.
Resolved case of Tendonitis of the Left Knee
Established 50 year old female patient was seen in the office with one week history of knee make a clicking sound. After the first week, the knee became painful and swollen. The patient did not seek any other medical treatment.

Patient received 2 acupuncture treatments and a series of herbal patches over an eight day period. The pain the patient experienced was 50% improved after the first patch and acupuncture treatment. By the end of the eight day cycle, the pain and swelling was completely resolved. 6 years has passed without the problem returning.
Successful Treatment of Upper Back Pain - 2 Cases
Case 1

82 year old patient presented with an acute onset of pain just medial to the right scapula. Patient has a history of vertebral fractures in the thoracic region. She has undergone treatment to stabilize the fractures, but suffers with occasional back spasms and pain.

Patient has received a treatment of a 2 week session herbal patches and herbals for this same problem in the past. This patient received two herbal patches for this episode. The pain was improved by 70% after two days and was pain-free after 5 days.

Patient is seen routinely, on a monthly or every other month basis, for maintenance treatments with acupressure, nutritional and herbal counseling.

Case 2

55-year old patient was seen with a one day history of severe pain at the level of T4. Patient had been sitting in the back seat of a car for a total of four hours the night before, as well as cold and rain during a football game.

On awakening, patient states she had severe stabbing pain and could barely move. Patient was seen in her home and received an acupressure treatment and an herbal patch was applied to the affected area. The pain was improved by 80% almost immediately and was completely gone after the application of two patches over a 5 day period.

This patient receives monthly maintenance acupressure treatments, in addition to nutrition and herbal maintenance for underlying medical conditions.
Bussiness Hours: Saturday 9 AM-1 PM
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Initial Visit: $110, Follow-up Visit: $75, Sliding Scale Fee Schedule is available