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Jim McCarty, DC
Central Nervous System Restoration Institute
9490 S. Aspen Hill Way
Lone Tree, CO 80124 United States
Successful Healing of Hives Due to Concussions
A male patient, 18 years of age, had come for treatment in November 1998. He had been diagnosed with severe and chronic debilitating hives. His symptoms included tremendous swellings in the face (his eyes had been completely closed due to the swellings) as well as at the feet. He had seen an allergist for six months who had prescribed several different medications to be taken daily. The patient has also been instructed to avoid a huge variety of food. Despite the drugs and the dietary changes the symptoms continued. Worst of all, the patient could not attend school anymore. The swellings and itching had made it impossible. Therefore, he worked with a tutor at home. Interestingly enough, the patient showed a history in football and dirt bike racing due to which concussions had been diagnosed which probably caused a substantial part of the health problem.

Dr. McCarty applied a combined treatment program composed of CNSR (Central Nervous System Respiration) and NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique). It started with a first sequence of CNSR (4 consecutive daily treatments with 1-hour per session for the first week). The NAET started in the second week (more than 30 sessions in total with 20-30 mins. of treatment on a daily basis). A second series of CSNR was applied one month after the first one (one month in between to allow for rehydration of the brain and improvement of flow of spinal fluid). A third series followed after another month of recovery. The NAET had been continued ever since its start.

Every session of the CNSR comprised advanced cranial work (chiropractic and osteopathic) to move the cranial bones (bones of the scull). In such a way, the pressure on the brain is released. It also allows the spinal fluid to flow better and to rehydrate the brain.

The allergy treatments (NAET) comprise acupressure therapy (stimulation of meridians with device), dietary schedule as well as muscle testing.

The outcome had been huge. By March 1999 the swelling had been subsiding. By April 1999 the symptoms had been cleared enough to discontinue all the medication. By September 1999 all the symptoms had been eliminated completely. The results have been sustained ever since.
Successful Resolution of Severe Hearing Loss and Tinnitus
A male patient, age 41, came for treatment in September 2004. He had been diagnosed with tinnitus and hearing loss. His left ear was almost deaf. The patient expressed a perception of fullness and ringing (left ear). In addition, he felt chronic tightness and pain in his lower back as well as occasional pain in his right hip. Last but not least he suffered from muscle spasm and knots in his upper back and neck as well as grinding of his teeth at night.

Dr. McCarty applied an exclusive CNSR (Central Nervous System Respiration) therapy over a period of two years (10 series of 4 sessions each). He started with 4 series in September and December 2004. Another 4 series were implemented in March and May 2006. In 2010, the patient received a tune-up of two more series.

The outcome of the treatment has been truly positive. The patient regained his hearing after the first two series of CNSR (8 sessions in one week). The tinnitus was completely removed. The feeling of fullness completely disappeared. Also, his back felt normal again and his neck and upper back achieved a far better range of motion. The grinding had been completely eliminated. Finally, the patientís mental state had become much more clear. He had become a much more positive and outgoing person (emotionally and socially). The patient testified to have much more energy now.
Successful Treatment of Lupus (Autoimmune Disease)
A female patient, 38 years old, came for treatment in July 2001. She had been diagnosed with Lupus (body's immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue). She showed a rush on her face (butterfly shape) as well as severe fatigue (she could not get out of bed some days). She also suffered from severe allergies. In fact, when waking up in the morning her eyes were completely shut and glued. Last but not least, she reported muscular aches and pain. Originally, the patient had come for allergy treatment. She had been prescribed with several drugs against Lupus (e.g. Prednisone).

Dr. McCarty applied a combined treatment program composed of NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) and CNSR (Central Nervous System Respiration). The allergy work was implemented in July and August 2001. The CNSR treatment was provided over several months in 2002 starting in July and continuing on a monthly basis through December.

The results have been more than satisfactory. After four months of treatment the patientís energy level started to increase. Now she was exercising on a treadmill three times a week. All medication had been discontinued. The symptoms were completely resolved. The patient did not need any preventative maintenance.

Successful Treatment of Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder
A female patient, age 52, came for treatment in February 2008. She had been diagnosed with Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder. She suffered from severe restrictions of movement (popping and clicking when opening the jaw). As a consequence, the patient had to eat soft food only. She also suffered severe pain (8-9 out of 10). Her medical history showed that she had pain in all her joints of the body by the time that she had turned 20. Things had become worse every year. It culminated when she happened to be in car wreck at the age of 43 (got hit from behind at 60 mph). After this accident, the patient started to suffer severe whiplash. Her headaches got worse and the TMJ started. She would see halos when looking at bright light (e.g. when driving).

Dr. McCarty restored the position of the TMJ. In order to do so, he applied 8 series of CNSR (32 individual treatments; each sequence with 4 days of treatment and one month of rest). The complete treatment for this patient took one and a half years in total. In addition, a small amount of allergy work was applied together with a temporary prescription of some supplements to support the thyroid function (Thyrocomplex).

The outcome of the treatment has been miraculous. After the first week (one series of CNSR) the halos around bright light were not part of the patientís perception anymore. The patient incrementally improved. The headaches had been completely removed by the end of 24 sessions (six series of CNSR). The patient could eat normal food again. The popping and clicking had been eliminated (after one year). The patient was completely pain-free and very happy.
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