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Successful Elimination of Chest Pain from Infection and Pneumonia
A female patient suffered from a dull pain in the right side of the chest. After observing the pain for three to four weeks, the family doctor was consulted for advice. Since no reason for the pain could be identified blood work was ordered. The blood tests did not yield any results either. The patient went to a hospital to have further diagnostic procedures done (MRI, CT scans, radioactive tests, angiograms, blood tests and so on). Unfortunately, the hospital did not find out the reason either.

The pain had a constant appearance, was sharp and gradually increased. The pain level was at about 4 (out of 10) and increased to 6-7 when turning the body to the right. It interfered with the patientís sleep and caused depression and a hopeless attitude.
By luck the patient went to a second hand book store and bought a book called ďBetter Health Through Body BalancingĒ written by Dr. Lubecki. She found out that Dr. Lubecki is a chiropractor who practices in Fair Oaks, California. Given the hopeless situation she called him and made an appointment the same day (Sunday).

Based on Dr. Lubeckiís examination an infection and a chronic, low grade pneumonia had been diagnosed. Dr. Lubecki prescribed a total of three treatments based on the homeopathic imprinter and an ionic foot bath.

The results have been amazing. The pain incurred during over two years had been eliminated. The results have sustained ever since.
Successful Healing of Brain Tumor
Alicia, a two year old girl, had been diagnosed (Lucille Packard Childrenís Hospital at Stanford University) with a brain tumor in the area of the Pons (top of the brain stem in the center of the brain) in October 2009. The size of the tumor was 5cm x 4 cm x 2cm. Aliciaís life expectancy was estimated with about three more months unless radiation treatment would be applied. Such treatment would extend Aliciaís life by one more year.

The medical doctors prescribed steroids for pain management as well as to increase Aliciaís energy level and reduce her swellings and inflammation. Side effect: Those steroids suppressed Aliciaís immune system.

Going through a lot of anxiety the parents finally decided not to put Alicia through the rather exhausting radiation treatments. Instead they endorsed a treatment based on detoxination and natural foods which would support the healing of Aliciaís body.
In December 2009, the family went to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida where they started to gradually take Alicia off the prescribed medications. In June 2010, the medication was down to 1/6 of the initial prescribed dose of steroids. At that point, Alicia suddenly lost substantial energy and she started to sleep for most of the day. She lost her appetite and ate nothing for two days.

Given the severe conditions of Alicia a business sponsor of the parents referred the case to Dr. John Lubecki in Fair Oaks, California. He had met Dr. Lubecki at a health convention in Chicago.
Alicia was in serious conditions when arriving at Dr. Lubeckiís practice. She had not walked in months and seemed to be in a rapid state of decline. Moreover, she had not eaten for more than two days. She could not hold her head up any longer, one of her eyes crossed. She could hardly move or moan because of pain.
Dr. Lubecki applied a series of treatments composed of low level laser, homeopathic imprint, ionic foot bath and a magnetic bed. After the first session the day of Aliciaís arrival she took her first bite of food and regained consciousness.

As the treatment had been progressing Alicia continued to feel better. She had been completely off the medication and steroids for several month, her eyes were straight again and she kept gaining strength (more energy and weight). She has been eating and sleeping well again. Alicia rarely had pain except for very short periods. After all, she slowly regained her desire to walk.

In February 2011 Aliciaís parents testified that their daughter has been getting stronger and stronger. Her recovery appeared to be a slow but sure process. Both of Aliciaís eyes can move in all directions. Recently, her eyes started moving in a coordinated manner to the left. This represents a huge step from a neurological standpoint. Alicia can stand against the wall on her own. She started to rock back and forth on her feet and tip toes. Alicia can now sit on her own in a much steadier fashion and in a low back highchair. Alicia has regained an amazing amount of strength, will and determination. She still has several treatment sessions per week. She sticks to a simple fresh healing diet with a daily wheat grass regime as advised by the Hippocrates Health Institute. It is an amazing example for the fact that healing is possible as well as simple and sure.
Successful Healing of Severe Horseback Riding Accident
A female patient suffered from a severe horseback riding accident which had occurred at the age of 15. The horse fell into a jump. When it attempted to get up one foot of the patient was caught in the stirrup. The patient was dragged a few feet until her face was slammed into a post. A subsequent diagnosis did not identify any further injury.

Shortly after the patient started to run three times a week. After a couple of weeks the patient started to experience sharp shooting pain in her left side-ribcage. The pain became worse over time. Therefore, the patient concluded that there had to be something fundamentally wrong.

She approached several MDs for further investigation of the symptoms but none of them could identify the problem. Blood tests as well as CTs had been taken several times. No explanations for the problem were found. Several anti-inflammatory drugs had been prescribed without success. Worst of all, insurances did not cover the expenses for all the measures ordered by the MDs (e.g. $1,400 per CT and $200 per visit).

Over time the pain had become really bad. The patient could not run, workout, or ride horses. In addition, sleeping had become difficult. Many times the patient woke up during the night due to the permanent pain.

Given the bad condition of the patient, a chiropractic treatment followed next. The patient saw two chiropractors for the following two years. Both practitioners charged enormous fees without any major result.

The first chiropractor diagnosed major misalignments (based on x-rays) and suggested one whole year for treatment. The patient had three treatments a week for the first four months, then two sessions a week for another four months, and finally one session a week for the remaining two months. The total treatment of about 100 adjustments and $50 per session amounted to $5,000. Her mom settled the cost with a one time upfront payment of $1,900. The chiropractor used a small device called ďactivatorĒ to correct the misalignments.
Given the lack of success achieved by the first chiropractor the patient started a treatment with another one. He also took x-rays base on which he suggested manual adjustments rather than using the ďactivatorĒ device. He sold one year of treatment for $1,800 (about 100 sessions). Many areas of the patientís neck and back were manually adjusted. Unfortunately, the patient had become worse rather than better after completing the annual treatment program.

Given the miserable condition of the patient, a friend advised to see Dr. Lubecki. He explained to the patient that once the skull and atlas were adjusted the entire spine would straighten out and all misalignments would correct themselves immediately. The results confirmed his diagnosis. After Dr. Lubeckiís adjustment the pain stopped right away (2008). The patient had been free of pain for the first time in years. The results have sustained ever since. The patient is riding again and enjoys life as before the accident.
Successful Healing of Tongue and Colon Cancer
A female patient was diagnosed with tongue cancer in January 1999. The MD prescribed radiation treatments once a day for four weeks. Since the tumor had nor shrunk, another radiation treatment program of three weeks with two treatments a day was imposed. The patient received the maximum radiation possible. As a result, her tongue and neck had turned into a dark black color.

A subsequent biopsy unveiled that the tumor had not been reduced in size. It was still malignant.

Shortly after this conclusion, the patient had also been diagnosed with colon cancer. The tumor was removed in a surgery. A feeding tube was inserted into her stomach due to the fact that the pain did not allow the patient to eat.

The patient was started on a hospice program. A morphine pump was inserted into her left arm. Twenty units of morphine per day had been infused to reduce the pain.

Meanwhile, the patient had been declared terminal. The MDs did not have further solutions. A friend started to treat the patient with herbal tinctures, food supplements, castor oils packs, herbal poultices, reflexology, and herbal teas.

Based on some insight from Dr. Lubeckiís book ďLiving without PainĒ the friend took the patient to Dr. Lubeckiís practice. Dr. Lubecki explained that the main problem with cancer patients is a weakness of the immune system.

Dr. Lubecki applied a combined treatment. He adjusted the patientís atlas and skull and provided the patient with a homeopathic detox box for daily use. In addition, the patient is being treated regularly with a soft laser besides given regular desensitization treatments to all foods and anything that she comes in contact with.
The results have been amazing. The tumor shrank by about 60-70% within the first week. The patient had hardly any pain for the first time in a year. She was able to place food in her mouth. She ate papayas and avocados again. She gained three pounds and became a lot stronger. The doses of morphine was cut in half without any increase in pain.

This is an ongoing treatment. It is hoped that the patient can be taken off the morphine in another week or two. The trend appears to be very promising to achieve a complete healing.
Successful Pain Elimination from Compression Fracture Suffered for 12 Years
A patient had been diagnosed with a compression fracture of the lower back (L5) in 1982 caused by an industrial accident. He had been told for nine months that there was no observable problem. After nine months the patient decided to approach a chiropractor who took an X-ray in a standing position. It showed that the fracture had partially healed by then. Based on extensive treatment, the chiropractor was able to restore the majority of the patientís motor functions. Afterwards, the patient was seen by several MDs including one of the finest neurosurgeons in the Pacific Northwest. Based on his review, he determined that there were three distinct areas where surgery could be performed. However, due to the extensive damage, the risk implied would have been substantial. Therefore, he was advised not to go for surgery and rather live a very sedentary life. He also indicated that the patient could become a paraplegic at any point in time.

Given the diagnosis and advice the patient started a life in pain and inactivity which would last for about twelve years. He was in chronic pain with frequent bouts of acute pain attacks which would cause the patient to be in bed for weeks at a time. In addition, MDs recommended the usage of narcotic painkillers as well as a fit with a TENS unit to manage the worst of the symptoms.

After twelve years of suffering the patient came to Dr. Lubecki who prescribed two atlas adjustments and a mineral maintenance program. The results compared to a miracle. After two sessions the patient turned out to be free of pain. He is now able to practice martial arts and enjoying his life. Given that the traditional medical community had judged the patientís case as hopeless this represents an amazing outcome.
Successful Removal of Scoliosis and Toxicity
A 37 year old patient suffered from back pain, headache and numerous rib head tears ever since his childhood.

Based on the above diagnosis Dr. Lubecki adjusted his skull and the atlas vertebra. The results were incredible. The pain literally disappeared immediately. The patient started to sleep without pain for the first time in years. The pain has never come back. Subsequent x-rays provided evidence that Dr. Lubeckiís adjustments had eliminated the scoliosis completely.

The same patient had also suffered from gradually deteriorating eyesight within the last two years (particularly the right eye). The eyes became so weak that the patient could no longer read anymore. He also had difficulties watching TV for any length of time. In addition, the patientís eyes burned all day. His eyes would constantly water and a thick fluid would ooze from the tear ducts. When waking up in the morning the eyes would feel like being full of sand.

Dr. Lubecki diagnosed a cadmium toxicity as well as other chemicals in the patientís body. He implemented a soft laser treatment which would remove the substances from the patientís system.

The results were remarkable. The patientís eyesight had improved by about 50% after the initial laser treatment. Three more laser treatments (one per week) yielded noticeable improvement each time. The patient is all good now. He can read for any period of time and has no irritations whatsoever.
Successful Treatment of Stage IV Endometrial Cancer
In May 2009, an elderly female patient was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Bill Hendersonís (ďcancer freeĒ) protocol had been applied to a certain extent. It comprises juicing, detoxing with sauna, coffee enema, and infrared amethyst mat.

In July 2009, a total abdominal hysterectomy was performed. The surgeon reported that the cancer had spread and that the disease was at stage IV. The following two months the patient developed ascites which had become severe and required to visit an ER. The ER doctor prescribed morphine. The prognosis was approximately three months to prepare final affairs.

In October 2009, the patientís cancer tumor marker amounted to 239 (normal range is less than 35). At that point, the patientís family found and contacted Dr. Lubecki per Bill Hendersonís newsletter. Dr. Lubecki and the patientís family started to implement Dr. Lubeckiís anti-cancer protocol the day of the paracentesis (November 3rd, 2009). It was composed of laser treatment, imprinter, homeopathic detox boxes and so on. The patient also continued with previous treatment protocols of diet, detox, and spiritual healing.

The patient and her family stringently followed Dr. Lubeckiís instructions over the following two months. As a result, the patient started to show signs of increased appetite, energy, bowel movement, and loss of remaining abdominal fluids. Her strength increased to such an extent that a wheelchair was not required any longer. The patient also refused any further chemotherapy. By February 4, 2010, the tumor marker had decreased to 35.9 (down from 239). The patient had made such a remarkable recovery that she is now able to maintain the quality of life enjoyed prior to the beginning of the disease.
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