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Stephen Lippmann, MS, LAc, Dipl. Ac.
AcuBalance Acupuncture, PLLC
111 N. Central Avenue Suite 403
Hartsdale, NY 10530 United States
Successful and Quick Curing of Knee Pain Under Patella
A female patient, age 84, came for treatment in 2004 from FL. She had been diagnosed with knee pain under the patella of her left knee caused by a fall. She suffered from severe pain (8 out of 10). She had consulted with her MD in FL but without any success (only advice: treatment with pain killer). Two and a half weeks later she decided to see Dr. Lippmann in NY (her daughter lives there).

The practitioner identified an acute problem inside the body. He decided to apply a medium size herbal patch on the knee right in the office. Interestingly enough, 15 minutes later the patient had no more pain (down from 8 out of 10). One patch was sufficient to cure the acute pain. A second patch was handed to the patient in case of need. She never had to come for another treatment as the results have sustained ever since. She is applying a patch sporadically for preventive maintenance.
Successful Pain Management for Patient with Need for Hip Replacement
A male patient, age 55, contacted Dr. Lippmann for pain management support in 2006 to delay right hip replacement surgery. He was not local (lived in upstate NY). His pain level varied between 4 and 8 out of 10.

Dr. Lippmann identified a local acupuncturist for collaboration on-site. He advised to use extra large WHITEE patches on the right hip. The patches were applied for a total of more than one year. They successfully reduced the pain and increased the patientís mobility. The hip replacement was finally done after 1.5 years.
Successful Treatment of Full Right Shoulder Tear (Pain Management)
A male patient, 60 years old, came for treatment in 2007. He had been diagnosed with cancer previously (lymphoma for 10 years). He was a passionate golf player who had torn his tendon in the right shoulder. His MD had told him to avoid surgery because of the cancer. His pain level varied between 3 and 8 (out of 10).

Dr. Lippmann applied extra large herbal patches and referred the patient for chiropractic treatment. The patientís pain got under control. It allowed him to live the lifestyle he wanted playing golf.
Successful Treatment of Multiple Stress and Complete Fractures (Shoulder Area)
A female patient, 60 years old, came for treatment in 2005. She had tripped on a hole in the sidewalk at night. As a result, she smashed her left shoulder in multiple places and multiple bones. She suffered from severe fractures from stressed to completely broken. Her level of pain was outrageous (10 out of 10). The medical doctor had prescribed painkillers.

She consulted with an orthopedic surgeon. He had expressed concern that the patient may not use her left shoulder ever again. As a consequence, he had immobilized her left arm completely (strapped it down so it cannot move).

Dr. Lippmann prescribed an herbal treatment program composed of large patches and a liquid herbal formula. Two large patches were applied at a time (on the back side, anterior and posterior). The orthopedic surgeon had recommended the positioning of the patches. A total of 12 large herbal patches was used during the first month, 10 large herbal patches were applied during the second month. The treatment program has always been facilitated with the liquid intake formula.

After six weeks into the herbal treatment the patient went to see the orthopedic surgeon for a checkup. The surgeon was completely surprised about the results of the healing process so far. He decided to have the left arm unstrapped. Then he placed it in a sling for another six weeks.

After three months of treatment the patient started using some additional herbal patches for maintenance (to deal with remaining chronicle pain issues). Her pain level had been dramatically reduced (now 2-3 out of 10 down from 10). The pain had also changed from permanent to rather sporadic. After some further months the patient had been fully recovered.
Successful Treatment of Sprained Left Ankle of Lacrosse Athlete
A male patient, 16 years old, got injured during a lacrosse game in 2011. He had been diagnosed with a severely sprained left ankle. The ankle had been swollen and discolored. His pain level was 8 out of 10 when touching the ground. He was playing for a premier Lacrosse team.

Dr. Lippmann applied a combined treatment program composed of acupuncture and large herbal patches. The treatment cycle lasted for a total of 17 days (two treatment cycles with three patches each).

The results have been truly satisfying. The pain was completely eliminated. The patient is playing lacrosse again and is happy. The results have been sustained.
Treatment of Haglundís Heel Deformity
A male patient, age 68, came for treatment in July 2009. He had been diagnosed with Haglandís Heal Deformity (bone enlargement on the back of the heal, often called a ďpump bumpĒ). The back of his left heal had been identified with a substantial protrusion. He suffered from severe pain (8 out of 10). The patient had trouble walking and was recommended for surgery.

A combined treatment program composed of acupuncture, dietary restrictions as well as herbal remedies was prescribed for two weeks (patient came for two visits during the first week and then continued the treatment at home).

Upon completing the program his pain level had been significantly decreased (down to 2 out of 10). The surgery was not necessary anymore. His pain had become far more manageable.
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