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Thomas  Kriczky, DC
Gwynedd Chiropractic
631 South Sumneytown Pike
North Wales, PA 19454 United States
Successful Herbal Treatment of Chronic Biceps Tendonitis
A female patient, age 79, suffered from chronic biceps tendonitis. A medical exam and a radiographic test had ruled out a tear. The treatment with ultrasound and electric muscle stimulation had not yielded major results. A cortisone injection provided very little benefit (given by the orthopedic). Her pain level had been severe (7 out of 10). She came for treatment in 2010.

Dr. Kriczky applied a combined treatment program composed of herbal patches and chiropractic work (e.g. adjustments). It lasted for a total of 20 days (2 sessions per week).

The treatment achieved 75% pain reduction with further pain reduction in the following weeks. The results have been sustained ever since.
Successful Treatment of Toe Osteoathritis
A female patient, 57 years old, suffered from chronic arthritis and degeneration of her left toe joint. She had severely painful episodes when walking and bending the toe (pain level of 8 out of 10). A podiatrist expert had suggested to fuse the toe joint. The patient had opted not to implement this approach. She also refused treatment with steroids. She came for treatment in 2010.

An herbal treatment protocol was applied for a total length of two months. It consisted of herbal patches and an herbal intake formula. The patient was treated twice a week.

The treatment achieved significant results. The pain level was reduced by 75-85% with almost no remarkable pain episodes left. The outcome has lasted ever since. Periodic maintenance of a preventative nature has been applied.
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