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Bruen Goolsby, DC
La Vernia Chiropractic
13210 US HWY 87 W
LA VERNIA, TX 78121 United States
Successful Healing of Tennis Elbow
A male patient, age 55, came for treatment of his tennis elbow. He experienced substantial pain. He came for treatment in 2008.

A combined program for a total period of three weeks was applied. The patient came in twice a week. The sessions comprised a number of steps including a full spine adjustment, a 15 minute ultrasound, a wax lotion cleaning and shaving of the elbow as well as the application of herbal patches afterwards.

As a result, the pain had been completely removed. The results have sustained since completing the program. There is no preventative maintenance applied.
Successful Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis
A male patient of age 35 suffered from lateral epicondylitis. The level of pain had been substantial (8 out of 10). He visited Dr. Goolsby for treatment in 2011.

Dr. Goolsby applied a combined treatment program for a total length of three weeks (two sessions a week). It was composed of a full spine adjustment, a 15 minute ultrasound as well as herbal patches. Prior to the application of the treatment the elbow was cleaned with wax lotion and shaved.

The treatment program completely eliminated the pain and healed the inflammation. The result has sustained ever since. No preventive maintenance had to be applied.

Bussiness Hours: 7AM-7PM (Mo-Fri)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: by arrangement, phone consultation $75.00 per hour