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Robert Golden, DC
Olsmar Chiropractic Center
3906 Tampa Road Suite A
Oldsmar, FL 34677 United States
No More Pills!
I have to go back many years to begin my story. When I was 21, which was 51 years ago, I “threw out my back” and couldn't straighten up. At that time, chiropractors were not allowed to practice in Massachusetts, so treatment by my family doctor consisted of his knee in my back, and pain pills and more pain pills. This treatment was continued by various hospitals and medical doctors for the next 27 years...more pain pills and muscle relaxants. I was still in constant pain.

In 1983, when I moved to Florida, I was bent over and in a lot of pain. It was evident that all the years of “pills” were not doing any good, so I went to Dr. Golden for help. After all these years, I found out I had curvature of the spine and arthritis. I was pretty “out of shape”

I am now 72 years old, I haven’t had a pain pill since 1983. I have an adjustment monthly... and I am not bent over. Yes, every once in a while I have pain in my back. A lot of damage was done by years of covering up the symptoms and not treating the cause. But the monthly adjustments relieve and allow me to life an active life.

Claire H.

Bussiness Hours: Mon,Tue, Wed, Fri 9:00 - 6:00 Thur 9:00 - 12:30
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: Intial Exam $65.00 Office visit $45.00 Physical Therapy $10.00-$35.00 X-Rays $20.00 per visit Acupucture $40.00-$65.00 Cold Lazer Treatment $10.00-$35.00 per visit