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Donna F. Smith, ND, PhD, CCN
Advanced Clinical Nutrition
(940) 761-4045
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Wichita Falls, TX 76308 United States
Patient’s Success Story – Migraines for 30 Years and Diarrhea for 15 Years
This patient posted her clinical nutrition success story anonymously in an online business directory review in regard to their experience at Advanced Clinical Nutrition, under the care of Dr. Smith.

“I had severe migraines for 30 years and chronic diarrhea for 15 years. Dr. Smith did nutritional testing and put me on whole food supplements. Within 6 months I got rid of the diarrhea. Within 3 months I started noticing the migraines were getting less frequent. Within a year I no longer had migraines. It is now 4, nearly 5 years later and the only headaches I have are my husband and kids and I can't remember the last time I had diarrhea!!!!!
Successful Treatment for Right Shoulder Injury (Deltoid Muscle and Rotary Cuff)
Right Shoulder Workman’s Comp Injury Improved with LC Balancer and Clinical Nutrition Therapy

This 70-year-old Workman’s Compensation female presented to Dr. Smith with a medical-diagnosis of a sprained right shoulder affecting both deltoid muscle and rotary cuff mobility. When Dr. Smith inquired of the patient if her physician had diagnosed a tear in the muscle also, the patient stated no. Dr. Smith dispensed LC Balancer, FASTT and WHITEE patches to assist this patient in recovering from this on-the-job accident.

Dr. Smith also suspected the patient had subluxated vertebrae perpetuating her pain and limited mobility, so she also dispensed specific therapeutic whole food supplements to assist her Musculo-skeletal system in holding vertebrae alignment post-chiropractic adjustment. After being on her Musculo-skeletal system nutritional protocol for three weeks so that she would have a sufficient amount of these nutrients in her system to hold the vertebrae adjustment once performed, she was ready for referral to her Chiropractor for examination and vertebrae adjustment, if applicable. This indeed was a factor. Her subluxated vertebrae were adjusted by her Chiropractor and she continued on the Musculo-skeletal System therapeutic supplements, which were successfully assisting her body in maintaining alignment until they were no longer required for this purpose.

LC Balancer was continued, however, after a week on the patches, the patches were discontinued due to the patient’s limited finances. Though it would take more time to heal not being able to utilize the LC Balancer and patches simultaneously, Dr. Smith was confident that LC Balancer would succeed in assisting her shoulder in healing by promoting systemic microcirculation and nutrient absorption. (Note: The laws have not been changed yet to provide Workman Compensation Insurance Coverage for Clinical Nutrition Therapy. Otherwise, this patient would have been able to continue the patches.)

For brevity’s sake, the outcome for this patient was as follows: The patient achieved over 90% improvement, with pain and limited mobility experienced infrequently. Due to being misdiagnosed by her physician at her initial medical visit, as the patient did have a tear, she initially received clinical nutrition therapy for a sprain and not for a tear, also, thus, the patient was denied that window of “healing” opportunity available at the onset to attain complete healing of a tear had it been known.
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