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Charles Coppola, Holistic Chiropractor
Pain Relief &Holistic Health Care
One South Stone Avenue
Elmsford, NY 10523 United States
No Knee Surgery!
Approximately four months prior to seeing Dr. Coppola, I had slipped on some ice and landed on my left knee. I saw an Orthopedist who sent me for an MRI of my knee, which revealed a torn medial and lateral meniscus. I did not want surgery so my medical doctor sent me for physical therapy. After a while of physical therapy, I started to experience a “Neuralgia” type of pain throughout my body. By the time I went to see Dr. Coppola, I had a constant very sore to sharp pain in my low back and tail bone area and pain behind and to the outside of my left knee. I also had pain which radiated up my thigh from my knee to my lower back. I could not raise my left thigh or bend my left knee without pain. Sitting, walking, going up and down stairs was very painful. I also had some neck, upper back pain, headaches, some dizziness and tinnitus; but it was my back and knee pain which brought me to see Dr. Coppola.

After he examined me, Dr. Coppola felt he could help me; and I would not need to have knee surgery. He worked on my whole spine, my head, my jaw and my sacrum. He also worked on my neck muscles to make them stronger. During my course of treatment, I went for an MRI of my low back, which revealed a bulging disc which was torn. I went for a second opinion to a pain management doctor; but he wanted to give me an injection in my spine, I said “No”. With Dr. Coppola’s treatment I started to feel less and less pain in my back, thigh and knee. Walking, bending and going up the stairs was easier. A couple of months after I started treatment, I was able to do some gardening, and actually kneel down. I now feel pretty good. I have no knee or thigh pain. I can walk, sit, kneel, and go up and down stairs comfortably. Occasionally my low back still bothers me a little; but when it does, I go to see Dr. Coppola. My headaches, knee pain and Tinnitus are also better

--M.D., Westchester County, NY
Successful Treatment for Herniated Discs
A year ago, my medical doctors advised me that surgery was my only option to relieve the pain from 2 Ruptured Discs and 1 Herniated Disc. They sent me for pain management treatments which proved to be a temporary fix.

I was almost resigned to go their route.

My wife, who was seeing Dr. Coppola for back treatments, encouraged me to go for a few sessions. I went under Dr. Coppola’s care and decided to stick with it. And now after 6 months, I’m better than ever. Dr. Coppola was able to adjust my spine and strengthen my back.

My injured discs were the result of jogging for 28 years. I was in such pain that I couldn’t stand, sleep in a bed, or walk. Now, thanks to Dr. Coppola, I’m able to enjoy life again. I’m totally pain free for the first time in a very long.
Bussiness Hours: M, W, F: 9-1 &3-7; Tues:3-7; Sat: 9-1
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Treatment: $50; additional 15 mins.: $40