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Julie Crist, LAc
895 S. Washington #158
Colville, WA 99114 United States
Treatment of Body Pain and Dietary Issues
A male patient, 63 years old, suffered from overall body pain for about 24 years (ever since a bale of hay fell on his head). Especially the neck and shoulder areas had been sensitive. The condition interfered with his sleep and ability to work. He was diagnosed with compressed discs, whiplash, and possible fibromyalgia. The patient had tried physical therapy and cortisone shots. In addition, the patient had suffered from a severe rear-end car crash which happened ten years ago after the bale accident. Finally he also had colitis which caused a very touchy digestion with abdominal pain and frequent heartburn.

Initially, the patient was skeptical about acupuncture. However, but after 6 acupuncture treatments, the patient stated, I used to wake up in such pain every morning that life was almost not worth living. I thought I had fibromyalgia. The other day someone asked me if that acupuncture stuff worked, and I realized that I have not had that pain in a long time. It is like I wake up in a normal body now. It really DOES work!

Dr. Crist recommended the patient to eliminate gluten from the diet for one week to observe changes in his digestion. The changes were dramatic. As long as he avoids gluten, his digestion is much improved.
Bussiness Hours: Monday thru Thursday from 10AM to 6PM
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan
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