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Tammy Dippenworth, Acupuncture Physician & Diplomate of Oriental Medicine
AcuSpa Orlando 3722 S Conway Rd
Orlando, FL 32812 United States
Recovery from Double Pneumonia
I have a story to tell with delight. I am a former RN, turned Acupuncturist. My history of lung problems started in 1995, when my cottage flooded, and after proper clean up, I did not realize black mold was growing and sustaining in my master bedroom closet. I began having a consistent cough for years. While training in Chinese Medicine, I tried a round of herbal treatments, but to no avail, and it was pretty pricey for a student. As time has passed, each winter, I had a really bad time breathing, this went on for over 15 years, turns out I was allergic to Christmas trees. But having that extreme allergic reaction and lung inflammation every year, the damage was done to my lungs. Every time I would catch a cold, it would last for 6 weeks, which is always involved in western treatments of antibiotics, inhalers, and steroids.

In 2020, at the end of February, I was very sick, going into sepsis, temperature 103 and eventually hospitalized with double pneumonia. Of course, all the regular western medicines were needed. Once I got out of the hospital, I was still struggling and my doctors put me on 40 mg of Prednisone for 10 days, coughing medicine, inhalers, and home Albuterol treatments. I just felt worse with all these drugs. Therefore, I reached out to the Wei Laboratories, and shared my concerns and story with Nick Bachinski. He then shared with 3 devoted expert Chinese doctors that specialize in Herbology. I know I had tried herbal formulas years before but felt I needed to do something more natural than what I was doing.

This is the protocol that was given to me:

Week 1: Silver Flower - 3 caps, 3 times a day.

Week 2: CL & CL-F - Both are 2 caps 3 times a day.

Week 3: Soup A, Soup B, and LC Balancer - The Soup A & B are both 2 caps 3 times a day, and the LCB is 1 cap 3 times a day.

After the two-month protocol, my cough was gone and my lung capacity felt fuller and clearer.

Again, there is a cost to this. Herbal formulas are expensive. But I also have a $10,000 hospital bill. When you look at the cost and the years I have suffered, there is no comparison. Very grateful to this company and their expertise.
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