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Shellie Sheetz, DC Assistant/Holistic Nutritionist/LMT
(775) 322-1233
1008 Sunset Mountain Road
Reno, NV 89506 United States
Successful Treatment of Asthma, Chronic Cough and Lung Infections
72 year old male was suffering from chronic asthma which was allergy related for the past ten years. The condition become a lot worse recently. His symptoms included runny eyes, runny nose, lots of mucous, wheezing and really bad breath. He has had frequent asthma attacks feels a tickle in his throat with a lot of phlegm production when he coughs. He was using an inhaler to control his wheezing. He bought an ozone generator which made his breathing better at night. But mucous production and wheezing was still there. Has been in contact with diesel emissions for years.

Dr. Sheetz thought his condition might be caused by lung infections with the mycobacteria, and recommended Wei Laboratories lung formulas including Java, Jade, ClearLung and NewBase. After just one week of treatment, the patient saw amazing results.

His bad breath is completely gone. He is no longer using the inhaler. His lung feels clear and the air can reach deeper while breathing. No more coughing, no more coughing up of mucus and phlegm. The combined treatment of an ozone generator and Wei Laboratories herbal formula has made a huge difference and patient is very excited about the improvement of the condition that has been bothering him for more than ten years.
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