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Michael Yuen, LAc/PhD
130 Steiner Court
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 United States
Successful Treatment of Stenosis, Bell's Palsy and Depression
60 y.o. F patient was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. She had extreme pain and had to use a cane to walk. The patient also had Bells Palsy with half of her face paralyzed, constant nerve pain and body pain, eye droop and depression. She also had a cyst in the jaw. Since the her condition is very severe, Dr. Yuen decide to use Wei Laboratories stenosis protocol with 8 Large WHITEE Patches, 3 LC Balancers and 2 Brown formulas.

After only 3 weeks of the treatment, patient saw really positive results on her stenosis condition. Dr. Yuan commented that it is about 40% improvement, a huge improvement. Patient can walk much better without the use of a cane anymore. Also, lost 10 lbs.

After 6 weeks of treatment, patient is seeing further improvement on her stenosis condition and would like to pursue treatment of her face paralysis. Dr. Yuen believes the cause of her face paralysis might be the brain malfunctioning and recommended to add the Hepavin and Platinum to the treatment which helps clear brain heat and liver heat to normalize neuron activities. To help the cyst in the jaw, a small WHITEE Patch was applied.

After 1 week, the treatment literally made the nerve pain go away completely with the face tightened up. Her mood is much more positive and she looks much younger. Lost 50 lbs of weight. Energy levels are great. A lots more mobility in the full body. The treatment really cleared what was going on in the brain. Doctor could see the improved brain activities. Her eye no longer drooped. Her eyes are not completely closing yet and Dr. Yuen is continuing with acupuncture treatment. Both patient and doctor commented that the improvements are remarkable and treatments are truly productive considering her age, the severity of the condition and the short period of treatment.

As the patient continues the treatment for 3 weeks, she sees further improvement with her depression. She has reduced her medications from 7 medications to 5. There is more alertness in her face. Overall, the treatment results are amazingly positive. She has never experienced anything this great with any other treatment.
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