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Craig Stice, DC
Stice Chiropractic & Acupuncture
13731 E Rice Pl # 105
Aurora, CO 80015-1063 United States
Fast Resolution of Severe Eye Pain
A 20 y.o. female patient came to Dr. Stice on 4/24/2017 with severe eye burning pain. The patient was experiencing burning pain as well as a cold feeling in her eyes all the time. The burning pain became intolerable when her eyes sensed even a tiny bit of air movement, as a result she had to keep her eyes shut almost all the time. The condition started 3 years ago, since then she had seen 7 optometrists, but they could not find out what caused the burning pain or how to resolve the condition. The patient was put on oral steroid (Lyrica) and steroid eye drops for a week in Nov 2016 which gave her temporary symptom relief, but as soon as the she stopped using them, the symptoms came back all the same.

Dr. Stice thought the condition might be an untypical infection. He prescribed the Chronic Infections Treatment Protocol from Wei Lab including herbal formulas Qi Booster, Bitter, Brown and LC Balancer, as well as an eye nurturing formula Eye-Brighter. Qi Booster helps enhance the immune system function to fight infections, Bitter helps reduce high levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and histamine in the blood. Brown helps improve liver function to support clearing the infections. LC Balancer improves micro-circulation and kidney function to increase nutrient absorption and delivery. And Eye-Brighter nurtures the eyes through helping increase blood supply to the optical system.

Four days after starting the treatment, the patient saw great improvement-she was able to hold her eyes open for 4-5 hour! The last time she was able to do that was when she was using the steroids. The patient is very happy with the results and is continuing the treatment for complete recovery.
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