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Jennifer Foster, DC
Coastal Chiropractic Health Solutions
9200 Benita Beach Road Ste 109
Bonita Springs, FL 34135 United States
Severe COPD and Bronchiectasis
Jennifer Foster, DC, Bonita Springs, FL


A 63 year old female presented to Dr. Jenn with severe COPD and bronchiectasis in February 2018. At the time she was dealing with lung disease so severe that her physicians recommended she get on the lung transplant list. Her lung issues started at age 4 with whooping cough and progressed at age 7 when got pneumonia. Every year since then the patient would come down with a bout of bronchitis or pneumonia. The Patient grew up in an area of Ohio where it was common to have lung disease due to environmental factors. She also has severe sinus issues and ended up undergoing three surgeries. Patient was using a pumping vest that would squish her lungs to help get rid of the phlegm in her lungs. In Iraq she contracted a bacterial infection from the soil and was hospitalized. At one point in her life she had five bacterial infections at once. She was diagnosed with bronchiectasis in 1992 and has had two pulmonary embolisms. Her health history was extensive.

Prior to treatment her pulse O2 was 92% while talking. Somedays her O2 goes up to 93-94%, on a real good day her O2 would increase up to 96-98%. Patient completed Wei Labs patient profile form and began treatment in March 2018. Given her extensive infections history, Dr. Jenn recommended she start on Pulmin and Respanin to address any parasite infection in the lungs and her post-nasal drip/phlegm. She then continued to add in Soup A, Soup B, LC Balancer, Xcel, and CL2 to her treatment. CL2 again to address other forms of gram negative bacteria that were causing persistent infection in the lungs. Xcel was added in to strengthen the adrenals as well as remove any blockages from the blood vessels to strengthen her heart, as well as play a role in toxin removal. She followed this regimen for two months. She finished out her third month of treatment with the Soup A, Soup B, and two weeks of the LC Balancer, CL2, Pulmin, and Respanin.

After the third month patient was ecstatic with her results!
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