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Julia Gu, LAc
Oriental Day Acupuncture
4546 El Camino Real, Ste., 258
Los Altos, CA 94022 United States
Successful Treatment of Speech Impediment & ADHD Symptoms
9 y.o. boy has been diagnosed as slowed language development. He had difficulty pronouncing the letter R. He showed little improvement after many rounds of speech therapy. He had difficulty catching up his English class. Each year, before the summer, his teacher would recommend that he attend summer school to catch up with his English. He was shy and not willing to initiate conversations. If being asked, he would not be interested in carrying further on conversations. He was also hyperactive. In his after school class, he usually ran around and rarely sat down to do his homework. He was not constipated, but usually did have a stool late at night instead of in the morning. Her TCM diagnosis is 5 slowness.

Julia recommended the patient use Wei Laboratories Probiosis to clean the gut and for his hyperactivity, Gold with Brown and Bitter for his language problem. He took the Probiosis at 2 caps every other day. After about 4 weeks, his hyperactivity improved and he had a stool in the morning. His after schoolteacher took a photo of him sitting in a chair and reading a book. Then the Gold, Brown and Bitter were added to the treatment. The Gold is taken at 1 cap per week, the Brown and Bitter were taken at 25mL every other day. After about 8 weeks of treatment, the boy broke out with sever rashes that looked like yellow beans on both of his buttocks. Julia thought the rash might be coming from the toxins released from the brain. It took 3 days for the rash to clear up. Afterward he was able to pronounce the letter R much better and proactively initiated and engaged in conversation with his mom. After 3 more months, it reached the time when the teacher would make summer school recommendations. The parents were surprised to learn that their son did not need to attend summer school any more. The parents are very happy about the treatment results.
Bussiness Hours: By Appointment Only
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: Initial Fee: $85, Follow-Up Fee: $70
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Los Altos CA, 94022