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Shakti Miller, ND, LCSW
Lifeforce Healing and Counselling
3536 Bee Cave Road, Ste. 204
Austin, TX 78746 United States
Successful Treatment of Eczema
A 32 year old male had been dealing with eczema since spring of 2015. Dr. Miller recommended 2 bottles of Bitter Juice to reduce the inflammatory response. The patient noted that the rash was 40% better. Dr. Miller further suggested 2 additional bottles of Bitter Juice along with 1 bottle of Spring Juice to target a possible food allergy response. The patient now reports 90% improvement.
Bussiness Hours: Call for Information
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: One hour sessions are $100. (Sliding fee scale available) Check, check or credit card are accepted.
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