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Rebecca Burton, DC
Bennington Chiropractic
(580) 847-2225
109 East Main
Bokchito, OK 74726 United States
Successful Treatment of Drug Withdrawal Symptoms and Depression
A female patient, 44 years of age, pursued treatment with Dr. Burton for her severe drug withdrawals consisting of fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, chest pain, and compulsive thoughts as well as social and physical inactivity. The patient noticed she was becoming more of a hermit and no longer cared to go out in public and enjoy things she previously loved to do. Dr. Rebecca Burton recommended a treatment protocol to support the liver, kidneys, and brain.

The patient started with a regimen of LC Balancer for kidney structural support, Platinum to clear inflammation within the brain, Hepavin to remove heat from the liver, Pacekeeping and Millennium to improve heart structure and heartbeat, and Brown Juice to support liver function.

After the first phase of treatment the patient noticed a great improvement; her depression had improved, her appetite had increased, and she now was repairing her social and physical lifestyle. She has re-joined old friend circles and has started resuming her normal life activities. This patient is now pursuing Phase II of the treatment plan.
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