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Jason Bussell, LAc
A Center for Oriental Medicine
(847) 251-5225
415 1/2 Fourth St.
Wilmette, IL 60091 United States
Successful Cancer Support
A 77 year old man with laryngeal cancer was to receive 6 weeks of radiation. His doctors told him that after one week he would lose his voice, after two weeks, he would be eating only soft food, and for weeks 4 to 6 he could expect to be on a liquid diet or a feeding tube. He came to me twice a week through the whole course of treatment. He never went on soft food, never needed a liquid diet, and never lost his voice (although it did get hoarse). His doctors could not believe how well the acupuncture helped him tolerate the treatments.
Bussiness Hours: M-W: 9-7; Th: 1-7; F: 9-6; Sat: 8-3
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: First Visit: $125
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