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Charles Lewis, ND
Simply Your Health
(702) 543-1828
40 Plaza Way, Suite 8188
Mountain Home, AR 72653 United States
Successful treatment of Digestive Tract Conditions
A 77 year old female suffered from years of chronic digestive problems. Symptoms would severely flare up about four times a year. She has been treated over the last 12 years for various symptoms related to digestion, and has been diagnosed with Crohns disease by the eighth doctor. However, she has never been checked for gluten sensitivity. A comprehensive gluten sensitivity panel indicated severe gluten sensitivity, and she was put on a gluten free diet, and given pre-digested fish protein (Seacure) to reduce inflammation in the G.I. tract. Six weeks of gluten free foods, she showed significant improvement, and continues to improve when compliant with a gluten free diet.
Bussiness Hours: By appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: By Arrangement
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