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Rene D. Alkalay, Naturopathy and Mind-Body Medicine
Genesis Tree of Life
102-06 Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills , NY 11375  United States
Successful Treatment for Stomach Cancer
Cancer is a disease where a particular group of cells in the body grow in an uncontrolled manner at an abnormal pace. These cancerous cells invade the nearby healthy tissues and often metastasize or spread to other parts of the body, through the blood or lymph. Though most of the types of cancer start with a benign tumor, leukemia is the only exception. The severity or progression of cancer can be described in five stages (including stage 0);

Stage 0: The cancerous cells are present at the place of development, and haven yet begun metastasis.
Stage 1: The cancer has spread only in one part of the body. This stage is also called carcinoma in situ.
Stage 2: This is the stage where the cancer has advanced in the lymph nodes on one side of the diaphragm.
Stage 3: The third stage is more severe than the second stage as the cancer has affected the other lymph nodes and has begun spreading to other organs in the body.
Stage 4: This is the final stage of cancer, where the carcinoma has completely metastasized or spread throughout the body and the condition by current scientific thinking cannot be reversed.

The stages of any type of cancer describe the extent of the seriousness of the spread of this deadly disease.

Of all the stages, stage 4 cancer is extremely serious in nature and there is no medication available to treat this stage. To determine the presence and type of cancer, the individual may have to undergo biopsy, where a sample from the tumor is taken and studied. Though there are certain traditional methods like chemotherapy, radiation and other drugs for other stages in order to reduce the spread of cancer, there is no current traditional proper cancer treatment for the fourth and final stage of this dreaded disease.

The individuals that I have seen are generally in 4th stage and often at a point where the medical system has offered no more options.

CASE: Female, 84, first visit: 5/06/02. The patient was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that had spread to the liver. She had received radiation and chemotherapy, and was currently under a doctors care continuing with additional treatments of chemotherapy. Her weight had dropped from 165 lbs to 115 lbs and she was no longer ambulatory when she was came to see me. Her son brought her in a wheelchair and her liver readings and her condition were such that her oncologist had told the family that she had only a matter of weeks, perhaps days of survival. The patient was too week to be involved in any type of cleansing program, which is often my first approach with individuals who have been exposed to highly toxic substances (in this case the radiation and chemotherapy), so the strategy was to remove all environmental sources of carcinogens from her immediate environment. I suggested the elimination of all animal products for the first month and then added soured goats milk into her diet. The emphasis was on raw fruits and vegetables in a pureed form, as she was too weak to chew and digest any solid food. We included high quality oils and fats in the form of nuts and sprouted seeds, again in a ground or pureed form. Raw, fresh squeezed vegetable juices were added to her program, and after the first two weeks, we added high quality whole grains in small portions. Herbal teas were used including essiac tea and Paud & Arco in therapeutic quantities. Ayurvedic herbs were included and an orthomolecular program was developed which included a multiple enzyme formula and a colloidal mineral formula. Hands-on healing included healing touch therapy, and a healing meditation was recorded for the patient to listen to several times daily. I saw her once weekly for the next six months for healing sessions. During the first two weeks, her markers improved dramatically and continued to improve. After six weeks, she was going out for walks, and I included a gentle program of yoga stretches that were done in a chair. Her condition continued to improve and by the time I stopped working with her, she was going shopping with her friends, was attending family parties and had resumed some measure of her life. Her tumors had shrunk and her markers had dropped considerably although the cancer was still in her body. I suggested that we persist and stay strictly on this program for an additional six months, and that, if we make any revisions, they nevertheless remain within the general guidelines of this program. But she and her son decided that she was all right at this point and chose to continue with the program without additional sessions. I received a call from the son a little over a year later informing me that his mother had passed. She had stayed on the program on her own for an additional six months, and then had gone off the program and returned to her old way of eating and living, and at that point the cancer returned and led to her demise. The son thanked me for the year and half of extra time, mostly quality time, with his mother.

Bussiness Hours: Sunday: 11:00am to 4:00pm; Monday thru Thursday: 11:am to 4:00pm and 7:00pm to 9:00pm; Friday: 11:00am to 3:00pm; Saturday: closed
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: First visit: intake and assessment $175.00; subsequent visits $125.00
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