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Successful COPD Treatment
I first met Mrs. L., age 67, at my clinic in November 2005. She had suffered from COPD for many years. She was depressed from a bout of bronchitis and chest infection. I had recently found an herbal company website and wondered if one of the products may help this patient.

The following is a letter this patient sent me dated 17th December 2005:

I was incapable of any physical exertion before taking the liquid herbal products. I had been unwell for four or five weeks. The infection had been treated with antibiotics but I was left breathless and clogged up. Walking from one room to another left me exhausted. So I was very depressed.

I took herbal products thrice daily for three days after which I noticed a very slight improvement in ability with personal and domestic tasks. I felt encouraged to continue.

Subsequent improvement was not dramatic but steadily progressive so that every day I became slightly more capable and more cheerful. My lungs began to clear and the “chesty” cough became less frequent.

About 10 days into the treatment I noticed that when lying in bed at night, the lower part of my lungs (over the waistline and below the ribs) was actually expanding and contracting with my breathing. I began to sleep better. By the time I’d taken 1000 ml of the liquid herbal remedies, my lungs felt much clearer and there was far less sticky mucus.

These improvements have continued and today (three weeks into the treatment) I am feeling energized, capable of going up and down the stairs without it being arduous, and going out to shop or to social events and running the household for me and my husband. It’s not a miraculous cure for COPD but it certainly alleviates the symptoms.

When I finish the second jar of the liquid herbal remedy, shall stop taking it but continue with the second liquid herbal remedy alone for a couple of weeks and hope the improvement remains with me thereafter. If I get bad again I would certainly repeat the treatment.

After Christmas I telephoned Mrs. L to ask how she was. She told me “My thanks to you and those herbal products for helping me to have one of the most fun-filled Christmas’s I’ve had for many years.”
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