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Jeffrey C Kalins, DC
New Concept Wellness Center
8501 Georgia Highway 85
River Dale, GA 30274 United States
Successful Resolution of Fungus Infection in Lung
A male patient, 41 years of age, had come for treatment in 2010. He reported difficulties breathing, walking the stairs as well as minimal chest pain. He had been x-rayed. Additional tests had been applied. However, the MDs could not explain the reason for the symptoms. Short application of 2-3 medications had not produced relief.

Dr. Kalins implemented applied kinesiology. In such a way, he was able to determine a fungal infection in the patientís right lung (did not show on the x-ray).

Given the diagnosis a nutritional therapy with herbal remedies was prescribed. In addition, minor dietary changes were implemented. The total length of the treatment program amounted to 2 months (3 sessions to cover the patient intake as well as two follow-up treatments).

The outcome has been astounding. Upon finishing the treatment the patient did not show difficulties breathing and exercising. He had been completely restored, could walk around the house as well as any stairs. Subsequent applied kinesiology showed that the fungus infection had been successfully cleared.
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