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Susan Duve, DC, LAc
Duve Wellness Center
201 W. Queen Isabella Blvd
Port Isabel, TX 78578 United States
Successful Healing of BOOP and Emphysema
A male patient, 55 years old, suffered from emphysema, fatigue as well as shortness of breath when coming in May 2010. The MD had diagnosed BOOP - Bronchial Obliterans with Organized Pneumonia (patient went through regular medical route before coming for treatment to Dr. Duvé). The case appeared to be more complicated due to the nature of Cooley’s anemia (Mediterranean anemia). The patient had completed a treatment cycle with the MD who had prescribed a number of drugs with huge side effects such as Hydro Odon, Prednisone (steroid with anti inflammatory character, creates severe side effects such as irreversible lung damage of overdosed and taken for too long), and antibiotics. The medical doctor had no further advice upon completing his treatment.

Dr. Duvé identified that the patient had surfed in water contaminated with red tide bloom (brave toxins). She prescribed a combined treatment for a total length of three months. It was composed of three liquid herbal formulas as well as a lung protocol provided by Standard Process (Catalan, cataplexy E2, enthrone, enthalpies, Ferro food, min-Tran, palmettoplex, fresco, simplex m).

Upon completing Dr. Duve’s treatment program the patient revisited the MD for a checkup. As a result, the patient was told that he no longer had emphysema. The MD did not believe his own results and explained it with mistakes during the initial diagnosis (before the patient saw Dr. Duvé).

The results of Dr. Duve’s treatment were amazing. The patient had no difficulties breathing anymore. He enjoyed an increased energy level and his lung function appeared to be fine. A subsequent CT proved the outcome. Any indicators of emphysema or COPD had been eliminated. The results sustained ever since. No maintenance has become necessary. The patient is surfing again.
Bussiness Hours: Mon-Thu (9AM-12PM and 2PM-5PM)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $78 (for phone consultation); by arrangement (in-person)