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Salvatore & Cynthia  Mignano, DC
Mignano Family Chiropractic Center
914 C Folly Road
Charleston, SC 29412 United States
Successful Resolution of Severe Eczema
A 10-year old boy came for treatment in 2005 (from FL). He had been diagnosed (by an MD) with an eczema inflammation (skin disorder). The symptoms showed all over his body (baseball size red spots inside both elbows, behind both knees, on his face all around his mouth). The patient suffered from severe itching and pain (9 out of 10). He had been presented to various MDs who prescribed topical crèmes such as Hydrocortisone. None of the treatments worked.

Dr. Mignano prescribed one jar of herbal liquid (Bitter Juice) for a total of one week. Upon completion of the herbal treatment the patient was totally cleared. He left for FL without symptoms (no itching, no pain, no red spots). The results have been sustained ever since.

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