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Nolan Stephens, DC
Healing Hands Chiropractic
961 N. Columbia Street
Milledgeville, GA 31061 United States
Successful Pain Management
A male patient (medical doctor), age 63, had come for treatment in 2011. He suffered from severe pain conditions in his back, legs and feet (8 out of 10). The patient had been diagnosed with a number of conditions such as disc herniation (three) or sciatic neuritis. In addition, he received a gastric bypath. The MD had prescribed a number of pain killers.

Dr. Stephens applied a combined treatment program comprised of chiropractic manipulation, flexion and extension based on decompression as well as myofascial release and lip stream for a total of 4 months (76 treatments in total with one session per week).

The outcome has been promising so far. The patient ambulates well and does not need pain killers anymore. His pain level has been greatly reduced (3 out of 10 now). He is on preventative maintenance with one treatment every other month. A clear trend of improvement can be observed.
Successful Pain Management after Hip Surgery
A female patient came for treatment in July 2011. She had been diagnosed with bilateral hip imbalance after hip surgery which created severe knee pain (7 out of 10). The patient suffers from multiple conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity and low back pain. The MD had prescribed multiple medications such as three different pain killers.

Dr. Stephens prescribed a combined treatment program composed of chiropractic work and physiological therapeutics (e.g. ultrasound, distraction type techniques) as well as herbs and supplements. The patient has been treated four times so far (2-3 sessions per week are applied). The practitioner has estimated about 30 sessions necessary to achieve more comprehensive results.

So far, the patient has reported substantial relief after the treatments which yet needs to be sustained. It indicates the expected and promising response by the patientís body.
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