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Doyle Rood, DC
5577 Skylane Blvd, #6a
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 United States
Successful Resolution of Golf Injury in Lumbar Area
A male patient, 60 years, came for treatment at the end of July 2010. He suffered from a golf injury in his lower back. His pain level had been identified between 6 and 7 (out of 10). He was diagnosed with a limited range of motion. Based on a left Kemp test a pain in the DL junction (Lombar area T12-SI) was reported.

Dr. Rood prescribed a combined treatment built of chiropractic adjustments, mechanical massage, and Bromalaine for a total of two weeks (one a week).

The patient showed good response. Upon finishing the program the pain level was down to slight (2-3 out of 10). It disappeared in the following weeks. His range of motion improved greatly. The patient plays golf again and is very pleased with the results.
Successful Resolution of Lower back Strain-Sprain
A male patient, age 35, came for treatment in August 2011. He had been diagnosed with a serious Lumbo Sacral strain/sprain. The pain level was reported as severe (8 out of 10). The patient suffered from muscle spasm, SI edema and significantly limited range of motion.

Dr. Rood applied three treatment sessions within one week. Those were composed of drop table adjustments, trigger-point therapy, ultrasound, mechanical massage and Bromalaine (supplement).

Upon completing the first three visits the pain level had been significantly reduced to 2 (it is expected to completely vanish within two weeks thereafter). The patient still had a slight amount of stiffness due to a hypertonic muscle at the DL junction (is expected to fade away as well). His SI edema has completely cleared. A slight amount of edema remained at L4 (will disappear as well). The patient can work again and has been very happy since.
Treatment of Multiple Disc Herniations
A male patient, age 57, came for treatment in summer 2010. He suffered from severe radiating and sciatic pain (9 out of 10) due to multiple disc herniation. The patient had also been diagnosed with a very limited range of motion.

Dr. Rood applied a three week treatment program composed of chiropractic work (e.g. trigger point therapy) as well as herbal remedies (12 WHITEE patches and LC Balancer). In addition, a hydrotherapy was applied.

Upon completing the program as well as during the treatment the patient experienced great relief. The pain level had been greatly reduced (2-3 down from 9). The patient was very happy. The results have been sustained ever since..
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