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Gregory Lind, DC
Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center
1778 Clear Lake Ave.
Milpitas, CA 95035 United States
Resolution of Painful and Chronic Disc Injury
A male patient, 33 years old and a professional classical ballet dancer, came for treatment in 2011. He suffered from a disc injury incurred in 2010 as a result of which he had not been able to perform for several months. An MRI confirmed a disc tear. As a consequence, he had gone through some traditional physical therapy such as stretching, strength conditioning, acupuncture and massage. It had left him with general chronic back pain when dancing. His range of motion was normal. However, his performance as a dancer was not.

The dancer came for treatment 18 months after the injury had occurred. He was dancing again but highly afraid to reinjure his back. The patient reported to be at about 85% of his normal performance. Dr. Lind applied muscle testing to his lower extremities. All of them were identified as being weak. The dancer showed a high level of compensation for spinal stability. He was diagnosed with several subluxations at C1-3 as well as mid thoracic and at L5/S1. He was afraid he'd lose his contract with the San Francisco Ballet Company if they could not rely on him.

Dr. Lind implemented a combined treatment program composed of chiropractic manipulations, tapping of the acupressure points, affirmations, reflex work with the neuro lymphatic system, and neutralizing the stress response brought on by an appendectomy (surgery was done two years ago, it had created chronic nerve patterns which were never resolved because of the trauma of the illness, treatment of the neurological effects of the disease had become necessary). The goal of the treatment was to reintegrate the nerve inputs to allow for better coordination and stabilization of the spine and the pelvis. The treatment program lasted for a total of 6 weeks (once a week with 1h per session).

The outcome has been miraculous. The pain has been completely eliminated. He is approaching his original 100% performance level. The patient is back to his normal duties as a professional dancer with a new level of confidence.

Resolution of Severe Post Hip Surgery Conditions
A 68-year old patient, female, came for treatment in April 2010. She had been diagnosed with severe hip issues several years ago. The strength of the conditions fluctuated over the years. Chiropractic adjustments had been applied with any sign of improvement. Finally, due to a lot of pain a hip replacement was implemented in October 2009. The surgery improved the patientís condition. However, she showed plenty of post surgery swelling at the lower extremities all the way down to the foot. Apparently, an edema had been created from the surgery.

Given the patientís post-surgery condition she appeared comparatively weak (e.g. used canes for support of her walking when coming to an appointment). Her pain level was identified with 6 out of 10. She still suffered from back pain. Her hip was tender. She had been prescribed with narcotic pain medication (to be taken every 6 hours). She apparently had some blockage of the lymphatic circulation.

Dr. Lind applied a combined treatment program composed of chiropractic work, herbal , myofascial release (5 massages over two weeks) and some B vitamins. The herbal patches were applied in 3 series (3 patches per series, 2 days on and 1 day off). They were positioned on the lumbosacral area and her lower leg (calf muscle).

The results of the treatment were truly promising. By the beginning of June 2011, the patient was able to comfortably walk and work again part-time. Her pain level had been reduced to about 4 (right trend given the chronicity of the condition). She still showed swelling but it had improved significantly. Overall, the symptoms improved significantly (by about 60%). Her lymphatic problem has been solved which makes the patient very happy.
Successful Treatment for Headaches, Allergies and Leaky Bladder
Karin came into my office with recurring moderate headaches, right upper quadrant pain, allergies, acid reflux, leaky bladder and back pain. She was taking antacids and allergy medications along with ibuprofen for the pain.

We worked together for 2 months using chiropractic treatment, soft tissue release in her upper abdominal region, Chinese herbs for her kidney and bladder, and homeopathic remedies for a low-grade infection and to increase bladder excretion (drainage).

Karin reports that her headaches have reduced by 90%, the upper quadrant pain has been eliminated, her allergies have improved 80%, her acid reflux and leaky bladder are gone and her back pain has improved 70-80%. She no longer takes any of her medications, and is happy with the results.
Successful Treatment for Multiple Musculoskeletal Symptoms and Stress/Anxiousness
Patient is a 39 year old male with multiple musculoskeletal symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, upper and lower back pain, neck pain, sciatic pain and sprains. He also reported anxiousness, fear, nervousness, anger, irritability, aggressiveness, argumentative and being easily stressed. His symptoms were affecting his energy, balance, digestive system, emotional stability and memory. He also has had ear pain since 1998.

After using homeopathic immune modulators and drainage remedies along with electrolytes and an herbal formula, the patient reports a 60% improvement in his musculoskeletal symptoms. His feels that his emotions have improved; he can handle stress more easily and is no longer argumentative or anxious.

This patient is happy with his progress. He realizes there is more work to be done and is committed to continue his pursuits to a higher energy healthy lifestyle. He still has trouble with his digestion and some light headedness/vertigo and continuing trouble with his memory.

Successful Treatment for Recurring Neck and Back Pain
This male patient, age 65 came to my office with recurring neck and back pain along with moderate to severe spondyloarthitis with left leg sciatica. He described the pain level at 7/8 out of 10 for 80 % of his time.

We applied chiropractic manipulation, therapeutic exercises and a homeopathic remedy for 6 weeks. By the time we were finished with the treatment, he reported the pain level at 2/3 out of 10 for only about 10% of his day. He can now turn his head from side to side and do yard work. The leg pain is gone. He still gets slight low back pain in the morning on rising. The patient was discharged with these positive results after many past recurring episodes.
Successful Treatment of Back Pain
Patient: Female, 56 years old

Chief Complaint: Back Pain
Other Conditions: GI Tract (Stomach Pain, Bloating, Gas, Constipation, Craving Certain Foods); Kidney (Poor Circulation, Cold Hands or Feet, Night Sweats, Wake to Urination, Hot Flashes); Liver
(Headaches, Constipation, Bruise Easily, Menopause Symptoms); Musculoskeletal (Herniated Disc, Muscle Cramps); Allergy (Seasonal Allergy, Hemorrhoids, Hay Fever, Dandruff)

Past Conditions: Anemia, Cancer, Migraines

Condition Analysis

Back pain may be due to damage of the vertebral discs or degeneration of joints in the spine. I recommend the musculoskeletal treatment to resolve back pain. The musculoskeletal treatment will also improve kidney yin, resolving poor circulation and cold hands or feet.

Bloating, gas, constipation, stomach pain, and food cravings may be due to a cold stomach. I recommend the GI tract treatment to resolve gastrointestinal issues. Gastrointestinal issues can
result in poor nutrition to the back, contributing to back pain. Treatment of the GI tract will partially resolve the musculoskeletal pain.

Poor circulation, cold hands or feet, night sweats, waking to urination, and hot sweats may be due to kidney deficiency. GI issues can cause kidney yang deficiency and adrenal deficiency, so
treatment of the GI tract may also resolve kidney yang deficiency.

Headaches, menopausal symptoms, constipation, and bruising easily may be due to liver deficiency. I recommend the liver yin treatment improve liver structure and function. However, this patient has GI tract issues that will be further aggravated if they treat the liver yin. The cold stomach condition will be made even colder when using the liver yin treatment. Therefore, I recommend starting the liver treatment after using the GI treatment for 4 weeks. I also recommend using the kidney treatment to strengthen and prepare the kidneys to handle extra toxins produced by the liver during the liver treatment. I also recommend the qi treatment to enhance the bodyís qi, which is often deficient in cancer patients.

Treatment Results

After being on the Kidney Yin, Spleen, GI and Musculoskeletal Treatments along with homeopathic formulas and CMT, muscle balancing ultra sound, massage and exercise for 6 months, the patient has reported an 85 Ė 90% improvement in her back pain; and is happy with the result so far.
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